Sandra Hung, J.D., L.Ac., Dipl.O.M. (洪儷姗)

Sandra graduated cum laude from UCLA with a Bachelors in Biology and a Minor in Cognitive Science. She also obtained her J.D. from UCLA School of Law. Sandra’s interest in Chinese Medicine grew under the influence of her grandfather, a pediatrician who also conducted research on acupuncture and addiction in 1970’s Taiwan. During law school, Sandra took evening courses in Chinese Medicine to further her own knowledge. Though she continued on to practice law, her interest in Chinese Medicine never ceased. She soon found herself enrolled in a four-year Master of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine program at Yo San University (YSU).

Sandra has completed specialty internships in Women’s Health and Orthopedic Medicine as well as externships at the UCLA Venice Family Clinic and the Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center’s Pain Clinic. She studied under Dr. Daoshing Ni, co-founder of the Tao of Wellness, and under Dr. Ka-Kit Hui, founder of the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine. She has also has studied Orthopedic Acupuncture under Don Lee, founder of the Academy of Orthopedic Acupuncture.

Sandra graduated with honors from YSU and is now serving the Southern California community with much gratitude and joy.

Lore Acupuncture and Wellness

Lore Acupuncture and Wellness is located in Culver City, California and provides comprehensive healthcare in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.



Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely fine sterile disposable needles through your skin at strategic points on your body.  It is one of the primary branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been practiced for more than 3,500 years. The traditional Chinese philosophy of acupuncture is based on the belief that energy known as Qi (pronounced “chee”) circulates through specific meridians throughout our body, each meridian connecting to a specific organ system. When the body is healthy, the Qi flows unobstructed. When Qi flow is disrupted by disease or injury, stagnation occurs which leads to illness or pain. Acupuncture balances the flow of Qi and stimulates our body’s natural ability to heal. This is a healing art that is beautifully rooted in tradition but also supported by modern research. Acupuncture is one of the most utilized modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is most effective with regular and frequent treatments.



Great experience! With just 2 treatments, Sandra helped heal my stubborn wrist and forearm pain from overuse syndrome. Holistic and empathetic care, highly recommend.


Since integrating Sandra into my wellness routine, it’s hard for me to put to words the difference it’s made in my life and my over all health. She radiates light and her energy is BEYOND amazing. The ambiance she creates is peaceful and always appreciated. She identified exactly what I needed and btw acupuncture, cupping, guasha & her knowing exactly what I need. I wish I could take her with me to every city. BEST investment in my health and well-being. Best.


True healing that can be felt inside and out. I didn’t know what to expect, and I entered the first experience with cautious optimism based on a referral. I have now been back many times and will continue. Even though I live on the Eastside, it is worth traveling for Sandra’s phenomenal treatment. She has helped me with digestive issues, fatigue, muscle and nerve pain, anxiety, mental clarity, and has even contributed to a perhaps unintended side effect of spiritual growth. Sandra is warm, professional and kind in addition to being a gifted and wise intuitive practitioner of these ancient healing arts. I now consistently look forward to my regular appointments with my whole being. Knowing that I will have the joy of connecting with someone who feels like an old friend along with deep relief from whatever mental or physical annoyance I have been carrying. If I am already feeling good going in, then the treatments elevate my energy and clarity to a higher level that sticks with me long after the treatment session. If you are curious enough to read this review then just do it. Make the appointment and thank yourself.


Sandra is the real deal. I had no idea what to expect because I had no prior experience with acupuncture or cupping and I wasn’t really going for acute physical pain (outside of occasionally carrying stress in my right shoulder from days when my job required me to sit in front of my computer and click too much). Instead, I specifically wanted to detox my liver and work on clearing energetic blockages. In my first appointment, I could see the energy swirling and moving when I had my eyes closed and laid on the table with the needles in. I was shocked beyond belief. Days after my appointment I had a last minute work trip that required jumping on a plane and flying across the country. I thought I would be mentally stressed and anticipated physical discomfortable from flying so I instinctively grabbed my right shoulder and then realized I didn’t actually have any pain or tension there! During my second appointment, we continued to work on clearing blockages and this time I saw dark black rings leaving my body. I leave every appointment feeling better than when I came in. Sandra’s healing capabilities are undeniable. Moreover she is very easy to connect with and schedule an appointment via text. Sandra is kind, attentive to your needs and just generally lovely to be around.


Sandra is a beautiful, caring, energetic spirit. I walk out of my appointments feeling refreshed and connected. Love working with her.


I got diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and with that goes medicine prescribed by my doctor that have side effects that affected me as a whole. A friend told me about Sandra and her acupuncture, so I thought why not give it a try. My body responded well with her  acupuncture and herbs. From having very painful cramps on my cycle to very mild to no pain after a few session of  treatment I was blown away! How i wish I knew about this sooner! We started with once a week then now we are down to every other week. Oh and I also have anxiety and depression, which is also gone. Sandra is very passionate with what she does  she helped my health made a 360 degrees turn and I am forever grateful. Thank you Sandra for giving my health back!


I hate to sound cliche, but Sandra and acupuncture has changed my life -for the better!! I have had debilitating back issues for almost 20 years. Those issues have vanished since I’ve started to see Sandra. We began with weekly visits to get my back fixed and now I’m on monthly visits for maintenance. My back no longer is an issue and I am able to participate in the physical activities (basketball) that I’ve had to cut down on before I started visiting Sandra. I cannot recommend Lore enough!!!


For anyone who is skeptical about alternative medicine, I highly recommend a visit to Lore Acupuncture. Sandra does an amazing job, not only providing acupuncture and cupping treatments (plus others) but explaining the history and methodology behind the treatments.

I visited Sandra due to a sports injury I sustained to my neck, and Sandra was able to significantly reduce the pain I was feeling, and helped me get back on track with my exercise routine and overall lifestyle.

If you are a first timer or long time acupuncture patient, you should give Lore Acupuncture a try. You won’t regret it!!


Amazing! Highly recommend!After suffering from painful shoulder bursitis, taking ibuprofen around the clock and lathering on the Ben Gay, I made an appointment with Sandra after being referred to her by someone. I reached out to her and the whole process was super efficient. Sandra was very knowledgeable, thorough, and had an honest desire to ease my pain. My first visit was very relaxing and the next morning I woke up pain free. No joke. haven’t need ibuprofen since and thank goodness no more Ben Gay. I’d give 10 stars if I could and I never give yelp reviews but really wanted to share my experience.


Sandra (owner of Lore Acupuncture) is an amazing, knowledgeable and intuitive eastern medicine specialist and acupuncturist!  I’ve been visiting her for almost a year now, and wow, what a difference in improvement in my physical and mental health since I’ve received treatment from Sandra.  I am an extremely busy attorney, owning a law practice, so I experience a good amount of stress and the workload, at times, can be unforgiving.  So, when I first came to see Sandra, my energy levels were depleted, I had circulation issues, suffered from extreme fatigue, and had major sleeping problems due to the stress of my busy practice.  After my first session, I felt like my entire body and mind completely recharged, restored, and totally invigorated.  Ever since my first session, Sandra has treated me for almost every week and my energy levels have vastly increased and my mental and physical health is in a much better state – I am way more mindful and calm even in high-pressure and intense circumstances at work, and I can easily fall asleep.

Sandra is a unique practitioner (out of a crowded field of many average acupuncturists) because she listens, asks me thoughtful questions to gauge various indicia and markers of my health, observes and analyzes my conditions based on my answers, a visual inspection of the inside of my mouth and my tongue, and the measurement of my heart rate, and then she administers her magic (it’s really technique but what Sandra does with acupuncture feels like magic!) – a treatment of acupuncture needles at strategic points on my body to help combat any ailments affecting me and to sustain my body and mind!

If you want to invest in your health and wellness and you are curious to see if acupuncture or eastern medicine is right for you, I highly recommend you go see Sandra!


During the course of triathlon training I lost feeling in the tips of my right toes. A friend recommended Sandra for her thoughtfulness and talent as a healer. Sandra did not disappoint. She sat with me to understand my issues from head to toe. Then the treatment began. She created a peaceful environment conducive to healing. I felt no pain with needling and an overall feeling of energy coming into my body. Now I have complete feeling in my toes again. I would highly recommend Sandra for her talent, skill, and warm manner.


I have been to Sandra for my second visit now and all I can say is thank you universe for bringing this wonderful experience into my life. I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and headaches so I decided to give acupuncture a try since I have tried everything before this. Nothing I mean nothing has worked as good as this for me before. My Headaches have almost disappeared, my anxiety has dropped drastically and I’m not as jittery as I used to be. I feel more focused and tons of energy! If you have not tried Acupuncture with Sandra please do.  She is amazing! She will make you feel welcomed and at home from the beginning! Thank you Sandra for your help and healing!


I saw Sandra for my first treatment on a Saturday. I wasn’t really sure if it was my thing or if it would even work. I’ve been struggling with fatigue and joint pain, plus horrible menstrual cramps for years. I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed I was the entire evening after my treatment. Over the next couple of days, my energy level was definitely up. It felt so good! I can’t wait for my next treatment.  he was so knowledgeable and so kind during my appointment. Oh, the needles were a piece of cake. I stressed for nothing, ha. Anyway, I’m super happy with my treatment and can’t wait to see how I feel after a few more. I’m sure it only gets better. Thank you Sandra!


I had my first appointment with Sandra last week. It was so relaxing and healing. She connected so many things in my life in a way I could understand. She was very thorough with each process. I went to the grocery store right after to pick up the foods she recommended. Since the appointment I’ve been having better, more restful sleep and more energy throughout the day. To say that I’m happy to have found her would be an understatement.


I’ve known Sandra for a couple of years and she’s helped me manage, with her acupuncture and cupping treatments, my knees, back and foot pain and a medical condition, on a weekly basis during that time. She’s very generous with her time and is thorough with her questions about my health and my high level of stress. I find her extremely competent and knowledgeable plus she’s  warm and friendly and has great communication skills. The reduction of my body pains,  from her treatments, have been great and I recommend her services. If your skeptical about traditional Chinese medicine like acupuncture, and don’t know who to try, then you should make an appointment with Sandra. If you need a new acupuncturist, then go to Sandra!


I was seeing another Acupuncturist for 4 years for neck pain and insomnia with no results until I met Sandra in 2017. At that time, I had a major rib injury and Sandra really helped eased my pain and anxiety just after one visit. She really takes her time with her patients and have so much knowledge about herbs, pain channels,  points. I’m able to fall right to sleep whenever I’m on her table. I can always call her for any concerns and she will take the time to explain and answer any doubts or questions you may have. She is an incredible soul and a healer!


I have had an amazing experience at Lore Acupuncture.  I started receiving treatment to increase my energy level and rebalance my body after child birth.  I can honestly say that I have seen immediate results.  My energy and overall feeling of health improved after my first treatment, and I felt more energized than I had in months upon leaving the treatment room after only one session.  I am continuing with regular sessions for both acupuncture and cupping, and notice a continued feeling of openness and increased energy flow throughout my body.  Sandra is a kind and skilled practitioner who genuinely cares about her patients.  The treatment room is like a haven from daily life, welcoming and relaxing. I highly recommend Lore Acupuncture for anyone looking for an alternative to Western medicine, or simply looking for some quality relaxation time. You won’t regret it.


I’ve been treated with acupuncture several times in my life, usually after rather traumatic accidents involving one or more broken bones. Ouch. After my last surgery to get hardware removed from my lower leg, I felt I needed some needle love to get all the blood flowing down there again and speed up the healing process. I have never received such a high level of treatment from another acupuncturist. Sandra is hands-down THE BEST. She takes so much time getting to know your injuries/ailments/needs, and she is a wealth of knowledge and skills.  She’s done both acupuncture and cupping on me, and it has helped my leg and my back so much. But perhaps even more beneficial in the grand scheme of things is what she can do on a deeper level. I had to cancel several appointments because my dad was ill. The first session I did with Sandra after he passed was truly transformative. She did an “ear protocol” (I think that’s what its called) and also something for the heart chakra. I left her office that day feeling like I was floating. I have not felt so peaceful and zen in a very long time. Sandra is truly a healer.


So here’s the thing.  I’m on the other side of 40 and my body started to frequently remind me. This past year I’d gone through a serious of injuries to my knees, shoulder, finger, foot, nose etc.  And over these past few weeks I’ve been attempting to pick up the pieces of a broken heart after an emotional break up.  Needless to say my body and mind felt like a once beautiful tapestry that’s been stretched, torn and faded.  The corners frayed at the edges, the once clear vibrant image began to fade an dull.  I needed something different.

I was skeptical of Eastern Medicine.  I’m used to medicine and machines not herbs and needles.  Well since I scored Lore five stars you can guess where I’m headed; I’m headed to healing town.  My two favorite things about Sandra are she’s very specific in treating your ailments.  She has a plan, she’s empathetic and she’s a healer.  The second thing is her treatment room is designed to make you feel tranquil and relaxed.  I was nervous about getting needled but Sandra’s environment and touch made it incredibly positive. Laying on her table completely relaxed allowed me to access my mind in ways I hadn’t experienced in a very longtime.  I’ve undergone amazing breakthrough’s not only physically but mentally, since I’ve started seeing Sandra.  We’ve added fire cupping to my treatment plan which has only enhanced my well being.  Sandra is indeed a bright blanketing tempest of healing energy and enlightenment.  I’ll be seeing her for the rest of my life.